What doesNovadesdo?

Novades means new destination

We are the perfect link between the food and feed industries. We create a new destination for raw materials that have lost their original purpose in the food industry. We do this by processing these raw materials into high-quality and innovative ingredients for the feed industry.

Step 1


Whatever the raw materials are, we purchase them and guarantee safe and fully traceable processing. We take care of everything for our suppliers, which of course includes the entire logistics process.

Step 2

Inbound control

After collection, the raw materials are subjected to a very extensive intake check. We take lab samples, test the microbiological, nutritional and organoleptic values, and examine all physical properties. This gives us a complete overview of all the possible applications.

Whatever you need, we can make it for you. Fast and with fun. Novades. Ambition creates value.



Step 3


Next, we process the tested raw materials into high-quality ingredients entirely according to our customers’ wishes. The recipes are, and always remain, the property of our customers.

Step 4

Customized delivery

In the work we do, safety and traceability are a given. We provide all the necessary documentation for our ingredients and of course we take care of the logistics for our customers.

We leave nothing to chance.

Supplying raw materials to us or having your ingredients produced by us provides you with certainty, traceability, innovative solutions and the best possible price.

Guaranteed purchase and traceable processing of your raw materials
Better purchasing, more optimal process
Access to resources you don't have access to yourself