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Our philosophy

At Novades, we like to think in opportunities. With our team of talented professionals, we add new value to raw materials that have lost their original purpose. With our flexibility, creativity and exceptional mixing skills, we can transform any raw material into a high-quality, competitively-priced custom product.

About us

Our expertise

Our founder, Henry Jonker, got to know the food world through the family business, where he discovered that the animal feed industry struggles with deviated raw materials. At the same time, producers in the food industry were looking for a destination for raw materials that had lost their original purpose. That is why he founded Novades.

At Novades, we offer solutions for these types of non-standard raw materials. For our suppliers, we ensure that these materials leave the supply chain in a guaranteed and fully traceable way. And for our customers, we offer innovative, fully customised ingredients. In addition, we guarantee neutrality: we do not supply our products to end users.

Whatever you need, we can make it for you. Fast and with fun. Novades. Ambition creates value.



About us

Our promise

We know the market

We keep in touch with all relevant players 24/7, both in the food and feed industry and beyond. We have a very broad international network and our specialists have in-depth knowledge. We continuously monitor the market and stay on top of all developments. We translate all that knowledge and these insights into flexible and creative products. That means our promise is as clear as it is straightforward: we can make anything, and always at a very competitive price.

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