Compound feed industry

Throughput at an efficient pace is important in the compound feed market. This requires large volumes in an efficient and reliable supply chain. Creating more capacity or silo space for production can sometimes be challenging. That makes it important to be flexible without compromising quality or price.

Our innovative ingredients for dry feed applications are specifically aimed at pre-starters. These are high-quality solutions in terms of both nutrition and efficiency in the factory. In this way, we help you optimise your production process.

We are happy to help, whether you need dairy or vegetable proteins/fats, or a combination of both. We supply standard and customised ingredients in large volumes at a competitive price with a reliable supply chain. We also support the production of ingredients that you may want to avoid in your factory such as fish oil, fish meal, palm oil, coconut oil or lard.

  • Customised composition.
  • Specifically developed for pre-starters.
  • Contributing to optimal production processes.

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