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Our unique position in the supply chain

We add value to residual streams from the food sector and process these into high-quality ingredients for the animal feed industry. Our unique working method makes us the perfect link between food and feed. We provide the animal feed industry with access to the raw materials market and the food industry with access to a new sales market. In this way, we are not in competition with either our suppliers or our customers.


Whatever your issue, we have the solution.

How can I find the optimal yield for my residual stream?

We purchase every residual stream of raw materials, guaranteed. We do this quickly, directly and at a market standard price – or often better.

How can I be sure that my raw material will disappear from the supply chain?

We guarantee that your raw materials will disappear from the human consumption supply chain safely and responsibly. We offer full traceability through advanced software, to many years after the raw materials are processed

Why supply Novades?

You choose the certainty of guaranteed purchase and processing. Your raw materials disappear from the supply chain for human consumption and are processed into ingredients for the animal feed industry in a way that is safe, responsible and fully traceable. We maximise the value of the raw materials by shortening the supply chain.

Optimal value
100% traceability of the raw materials
Guaranteed processing of the product

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