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Why choose Novades?

Our unique working method means we are always able to create the perfect mix of ingredients. Together with you, we develop customised solutions that perfectly match your wishes, applications and ambitions regarding animal growth and health.


Whatever your issue, we have the solution.

How can I optimise my production processes?

By making smart combinations between raw materials in the recipes, we can supply innovative ingredients that give you more flexibility and application options to help you optimise your processes.

How can I improve my purchasing?

By leveraging Novades’ global purchasing power. We monitor the various raw material markets 24/7 and develop short and long-term purchasing strategies on this basis. So you can reap the benefits!

Choose knowledge, experience and creativity

With our creative and innovative working method, we offer opportunities that were previously unattainable to both suppliers and buyers. Through our extensive network, we are always in direct contact with all the major players in the food and animal feed industry. We monitor macroeconomic developments closely as well as anything else that could affect the market. We consider all these factors when we develop smart purchasing strategies and innovative ingredients.

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