Get to know our colleague Ilona

We are delighted to welcome a valuable addition to our team once again. And, of course, we take the opportunity to introduce this amazing person to all of you.

Take a moment to learn more about our newest team member: Ilona!

Hey Ilona, you’ve been part of our team for a few weeks now. How have the first weeks been for you?
“Hectic, but time flew by. A lot of new information and faces came my way. It took some time to grasp the complex processes and get to know everyone, but every day I’m learning more, and it’s becoming more enjoyable to find solutions and contribute.”

Can you tell us more about what you’ll be working on?
“I’m currently focused on getting a handle on daily tasks, such as handling product inputs and outputs, production planning, and associated improvement projects. Eventually, we’ll explore how to best distribute responsibilities within our team of three.” 💪

How did you come across Novades?
“Via LinkedIn! The application process was straightforward, and I received a response the very next day.”

What attracted you to Novades, motivating you to work here?
“Besides the company’s fascinating vision, I was warmly welcomed. I felt that there’s truly a team with the ambition to work together. Additionally, the potential to grow along with this young and progressive company appealed to me greatly.” 🤩

You’ve been part of the Novades team for 1.5 months now. Have you had any wow moments so far?
“Firstly, when I was in the laboratory, that was a wow moment for me. I had the opportunity to observe and help with taking samples, which were then analyzed in our own lab. It was interesting to see how quality tests are conducted and experience the production process up close. Secondly, the Novades warehouse in Nijkerk was a wow moment. It was my first encounter with the products, and it was fascinating to see the various forms these products come in. Oh, and a third wow feeling is the lunches here at Novades. Having this kind of healthy, delicious salad every day is something you don’t easily find elsewhere, I think.”

Great to hear! But hey Ilona, we’re also curious to learn a bit more about you, that goes beyond the office… Can you share something about yourself with us?
“I love wearing my fruit-themed socks! 🍓 On the other side, sticking to the fruit theme, I really do not like peeling mandarins. Dreadful! What I do love, though, are my cats. I live with my boyfriend and our two cats in Utrecht.” 🐈


Ilona, supply chain planner

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