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We are once again delighted to introduce a valuable new team member to you. We are thrilled that Henk is joining our team.

Keep reading to discover more about our Head of Nutrition: Henk!

Hank, so nice that you’re here, joining our team. How did you first learn about Novades?
“I discovered Novades through a recruitment agency, and I was immediately intrigued by the company.”

Can you share something about your primary responsibilities at Novades?
“My role at Novades revolves around being a Nutritionist, but it extends far beyond that. My key responsibilities include taking ownership of the stock, strategizing future positions, adhering to client specifications, and establishing a robust and precise system to efficiently handle orders well in advance. Additionally, I am actively involved in contributing to the sustainability roadmap for Novades in the long term.” ♻️

That’s sounds like a broad role. What inspired you to become a part of Novades?
“My primary motivation stemmed from the company’s vision. The commitment to reducing waste, repurposing perfectly usable raw materials from the food industry for the feed industry. Furthermore, I recognized that my industry-specific knowledge could significantly contribute to Novades.”

That sounds indeed like a perfect match. Can you share your initial impressions of your first weeks at Novades?
“Like in any new role, there was a bit of information overload, but the work environment struck a great balance between being hard-working and pressure-free. Overall, I am really enjoying it.” 🤗

What were your first “wow-moments” at Novades?
“Well, firstly, walking into the office is really a wow-moment, given the awesome and stylish workspace. Also, understanding the company’s ambitious goals during meetings left a lasting impression; it’s truly impressive. Oh yes, and finally, the free healthy lunches and on-site gym? That’s fantastic!”

Thanks for the insights, Henk. Finally, can you share a bit more about you as a person?
“I am very finely balanced between introvert and extrovert; I am both and neither. 😀 Additionally, I spent six months in the Okavango Delta and developed a deep love for Africa and its untamed landscapes. 🌍 Oh and, when words can’t cut it, I turn to the guitar or sit at the piano to make sense of it all. Music is awesome!” 🎵


Henk, Head of Nutrition

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