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We are always delighted when we can welcome a valuable addition to our team. And, of course, we take the opportunity to introduce this standout team member to all of you.

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Hi Geert, it’s great to have you as part of our team! Can you share a bit more about your responsibilities at Novades?
“Absolutely. What I’ll be focusing on is overseeing a scalable operation that can support Novades’ ambitious growth goals. Additionally, I’ll ensure transparency and process quality in our chain, allowing us to create the best products for our customers from a wide range of raw materials.”

That sounds like a big responsibility! How did you come across Novades?
“A shared contact of Novades and I approached me. I know him from a company I worked for before. That’s how I got in touch with you all.”

How nice! What motivated you to join Novades?
“Firstly, the long-term strategy focused on circularity. I find it fascinating how Novades turns something others discard into a valuable product. Additionally, I get a lot of energy from Novades’ compact and close-knit team that is energetically disrupting the market.” 🚀

It’s great to hear that you share that experience. How would you describe your first weeks at Novades?
“Dynamic, with many new impressions in a completely new environment for me. I’ve been warmly welcomed by both Novades and our partners, providing a great foundation for the coming years!”

Have you experienced any ‘wow moments’ at Novades?
“Yes, I’ve had a ‘wow feeling’ at several moments! Definitely during my ‘powder shower’ while sampling. Also, when I received an introduction to the Optimizer (Novades internal software optimization system, red.) and saw its potential. And finally, the incredibly enjoyable Christmas party, that was truly a fantastic introduction!” 🥳

Thanks for sharing that with us! But now we’re really curious, what are three facts about you that we absolutely need to know?
“Um, let me think… The first is that I started playing the trumpet since last summer. You’re never too old to learn, right? Oh yes, and besides that, I have a weakness for ‘dirty jobs’. When I lived in Sweden, I had a job delivering meals by bike in the Swedish cold. And lastly, I’m so stiff that I find it very uncomfortable to sit cross-legged or squat for a long time. It’s really a struggle…” 😭

Geert, Director Operations

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