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We are always delighted when we can welcome a valuable addition to our team. And, of course, we take this opportunity to introduce this top performer to all of you.

Take a moment to discover more about our newest team member: David!

Hi David, great to have you as part of our team! Can you tell us more about your responsibilities at Novades?
“Of course! I am responsible for Finance and HR at Novades. It’s quite broad; tasks include monthly reporting, obtaining approval for the annual accounts, understanding the cash flow, and ensuring that the company is and remains operationally in control.”

Sounds good! How did you come into contact with Novades?
“Through connections: I completed a study to become a registered controller at Nyenrode, and I still keep in touch with some former students. A message appeared in a group chat of that study, stating that a friend of a fellow student was looking for a finance manager for Novades.”

Ah, a small world. What motivated you to work at Novades?
“The story behind Novades appeals to me – the mission we pursue every day to create circular ingredients for a sustainable future. Additionally, I appreciate the fact that it’s a small and friendly team that works together. There’s a positive energy here.” 🤗

Great to hear that you feel that way. How would you describe your first weeks at Novades?
“At first, it was quite an adjustment because the industry is new, the systems are new, etc. But on the other hand, it feels very good, and I’ve been well received. I’m excited to improve the financial process.”

Have you had any ‘wow moments’ at Novades?
“Yes, definitely! One of the wow moments was when I went to the warehouse with the accountant to check the inventory. It was my first time in the warehouse, and that’s when you realize how large and extensive what we do is. But I also really enjoy having lunch together every day at the office and exercising together in our own gym. It’s great that it’s arranged for the employees!” 🏋️

Hey, and finally, can you share an interesting fact about yourself?
“Wow, that’s always difficult when asked like that. But an interesting fact is that I love reading, and I’ve read almost all of Stephen King’s books.” 📖

David, Director Finance, HR, IT

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